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It lies north of the province of Alicante. The village is located in the valley formed by the mountains of Saratoga, Xarpolar, and Cantacuc Albureca. The main water collectors of the population are of Sulfur the ravine and the charm flowing river Serpis.

Plains is a village in the Barony of noble degree, sitting at the foot of the castle walls strong Muslim twelfth and thirteenth centuries of domination and control was the leader Al-Azraq to recapture business by King James I.

Plains is a beautiful town with an urban structure of steep streets, stairs and terraces in fresh water sources.

Noted for its rugged area that is south of the river tends Serpis on northern slopes of the Sierra and the Sierra Saratoga Albureca. Deep ravines draining the complexity of its topographic relief.

Behind are the mountains of St. Christopher, with the peculiarity that has a via crucis that leads to the chapel of Christ, very well kept and sturdy construction.

Integra while the parishes of Benialfaquí, Catamarruch and Margarida.


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